Water Tanks for Fire Fighting In Melbourne

Every summer, Melbourne experiences a barrage of extremely high temperatures that leave us vulnerable to bushfires and spot fires. It’s a dangerous time that can put both lives and properties in peril, which is why it’s important to take the necessary measures to be fire-ready. Water tanks are frequently used in Melbourne for fire protection – here are some steps to optimise them for your property.

Heat-Resistant Materials

Water tanks should be made from materials that are heat resistant. This is especially important if you’re using rainwater tanks, since the ashes and fumes from fires can contaminate your water supply. Fibreglass, concrete, steel and metal tanks are all made from non-combustible materials and offer high degrees of fire resistance.

Installation on Your Property

When installing water tanks around your property, you’ll want to place them in areas where fire fighters can quickly refill their tankers and get back to the job. You should also have Stortz specialist fittings installed onto them – these will allow the fire trucks’ hoses to connect directly to your tanks for faster access to the water supply. Storz fittings can also be installed on your underground water tanks.


Once you’ve installed a water tank, it’s important to ensure that it’s easy to access. The area next to the tank should be able to accommodate fire fighting appliances or trucks with suction hoses. In addition, you’ll have to do some regular maintenance work to keep the site safe and accessible by clearing the area of any vegetation or foliage.

Fire Fighting Pumps

Water tanks can be fitted with fire fighting pumps, which are designed to deliver massive volumes of water on demand. Due to the hot and dry climate of summers in Melbourne, bush and structural fires can develop rapidly. Fire fighting pumps offer a quick, powerful and effective response.

All Oz Tanks Can Help You Protect Your Home

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