How to Clean Your Water Tanks

If you have a rainwater tank at home, it’s essential to have it cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent undesirable problems. When left untreated, harmful bacteria can accumulate and form a thick layer of sediment at the bottom of your tank. This decomposing debris commonly consists of leaves, dust, ash, plant matter, bird droppings, and even dead animals like rats, snakes and insects that have entered through downpipes. Not only may you experience blocked water filters as a result, but your tank water could also become contaminated. Fortunately, water tanks can be easily cleaned. Here’s how:

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning your tank is an easy process. Whether you own a slimline rainwater tank, a plastic option or a round water tank in Melbourne, you’ll be able to use this effective method to ensure a thorough clean.

The first step is to open the outlet used for draining the tank to empty out as much water as you can. Once your tank is empty of water, remove the access hatch at the top or side of the tank. The next step is to use pressurised water to remove the build-up and sediment on the base and walls of the tank. A great way to avoid causing damage to the surrounding area is to attach a hose pipe to the draining point to channel the flow of water to your chosen location. Finally, rinse through and use an anti-bacterial solution or disinfectant to thoroughly clean the interior.

If your tank is particularly tricky to maintain, or if you own an underground tank, you may require the help of a trained professional to provide specialised assistance.

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