Water Tanks Melbourne

Water scarcity is a troubling problem that many residents experience across Australia, a land known for its chronic water shortages and drying climate. Things took a turn for the worse when government authorities imposed water restrictions to ensure water usage is sustainable. If you wish to beat these restrictions without getting a fine, it’s worth thinking about investing in rain water tanks. Having water tanks on your property will reduce mains water usage while providing a varied range of benefits. With more than 20 years of experience in the business, All Oz Tanks offers the best water tanks in Melbourne and surrounds, including cheap options.


Introducing a water conservation system in your residential, commercial or industrial space is an easy job with All Oz Tanks. We’ve been manufacturing water tanks in Melbourne that fit to our customer’s unique requirements for many years, giving us the expertise needed to provide the best solutions. To accompany the tanks, we also provide a wide range of accessories to ensure a complete water storage solution.


At All Oz Tanks, we have a large range of water tank sizes and styles to suit almost any space. From polyethylene tanks to steel water tanks in both round and slim modular designs, our company is committed to providing customised services that exceed the expectations of customers. Buying tanks from us means you can have peace of mind knowing that your rainwater tanks are manufactured in compliance to Australian quality standards. Added to that, all of our tanks come with a 10 year manufacturing warranty.


Poly Water Tanks

If you’re looking for a low cost water storage system, a polyethylene tank is an ideal choice for cheap water tanks in Melbourne. All Oz Tanks manufacture poly tanks in compliance with AS 4766 and AS 4020 requirements, providing you with a safe and durable water storage solution. Benefits of these tanks include UV resistance, a lightweight construction, and maximum durability and portability. We offer a comprehensive selection of poly tanks available in diverse styles and capacities, allowing you to find the perfect solution.


Steel Water Tanks

Nothing beats the remarkable strength and corrosion resistance of steel water tanks. As a result, the high tensile steel tanks available at All Oz Tanks are built strong. Features of these tanks include sturdiness, sustainability, and the ability to hold the forces generated by water.


In addition to supplying quality tanks and accessories, we also have a team of skilled professionals who can render superior installation services. Why waste the water running off down the stormwater drain? With a product from All Oz Tanks, you can harvest it, store it and make the best use of it.


Cartage Water Tanks

Specially designed for the storage and transportation of water, cartage tanks are among the most durable available. They boast exceptional impact resistant qualities and are imperious to the harshest of weather conditions, making them perfect for Australia’s hot and dry climate.

At All Oz Tanks, we offer cartage water tanks that can be used for portable water delivery, livestock water supply, tree watering, dust suppression, and many other applications. They are available in a range of sizes and capacities, from as little as 100 litres through to as much as 15,000 litres. They also feature fully UV stabilised polyethylene for maximum long-life.

Bluescope Aquaplate Steel

When looking for water tanks in Melbourne, you’ll have many options available to you. Steel and polyethylene are the most common materials for rain water tanks found in Australia. Other materials include fibreglass, concrete and PVC bladder tanks. For a quality choice, All Oz Tanks can provide tanks constructed from premium Bluescope Aquaplate steel that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.


Steel rain water tanks do not bulge or stretch when full. The strength of the steel ensures the tank comfortably withstands the large force generated by the mass of the water. Steel tanks have been around for more than 100 years, so their long structural life is a proven fact. In addition, this strength will not deteriorate over time – not even under the harsh Australian sun!



Our steel modular tanks are made in Melbourne and Australia, ensuring you’ll be buying a local product. Steel is a very long lasting material, especially when coated with zinc galvanising or Bluescope steel with a Colorbond® finish. It’s also important to recognise that if your tank is no longer required at any time, this material is completely recyclable and may be readily reclaimed and reused. This makes our steel rain water tanks the best environmental alternative.


Slimline Water Tank Range

Our Slimline range of water tanks is available in a wide range of popular colours, with capacities ranging from 600 litres right up to 7,000 litres. Slimline water tanks are built for narrow spaces, such as along the side of a house. Internal stainless steel cross bracing is incorporated into these tanks to provide maximum durability and strength.


Slimline Tank Range

Round Water Tank Range

The traditional corrugated round water tanks are still a popular choice when space is permitting. Manufactured with a deep corrugated profile and extra wide sheets, this is a strong tank with minimal seams. Choose from capacities ranging from 500 litres up to 29,000 litres to accommodate your needs.

 Round Tank Range

Warranty on Steel water Tanks

When you buy from All Oz Tanks, you’ll receive peace of mind knowing that your tank has a 20 year minimum life prior to perforation due to corrosion, as detailed in the Bluescope AQUAPLATE® product warranty. We also offer a 10 year construction warranty that covers the assembly and sealing of the tank.

In addition to supplying and installing water tanks in Melbourne, All Oz Tanks is also a reputed supplier of water pumps, marine buoys, and gutter guards. Get in touch today to learn more about the services and products we offer. Simply give us a call on (03) 9782 6140 or complete our online contact form.