CFA Compliant Fire Fighting Water Tanks

Bushfire Management Overlay and Bushfire Protection Measures

Before a planning permit in the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) is granted, the permit application must demonstrate how certain bushfire protection measures will be met.

A static water supply required for firefighting must be provided in a non-combustible water tank constructed of concrete or metal.

To ensure a fire truck can access the water tank, a CFA fitting (known as a 64mm male three thread per inch coupling) must be provided on the outlet of the tank.

A separate connection is needed to provide the owner/occupier of the land with access to the water supply in the event of an emergency.

65mm CFA Compliant Outlet

  • 65mm Outlet
  • 65mm Ball valve
  • 64mm Coupling

The 65mm CFA Outlet can be fitted to any of our Slimline or Round tanks.