Under Deck Water Tanks


1000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


395mm height x 3000mm length x 1200mm width

1000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


630mm height x 1600mm length x 1200mm width

2000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


720mm height x 2750mm length x 1200mm width

2000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


690mm height x 3000mm length x 1200mm width

2008 litre Underdeck Water Tank


550mm height x 2400mm length x 2150mm width

2030 litre Underdeck Water Tank


600mm height x 2300mm length x 2010mm width

2510 litre Underdeck Water Tank


800mm height x 1900mm length x 2150mm width

3100 litre Underdeck Water Tank


775mm height x 2500mm length x 2135mm width

4000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


900mm height x 2150mm length x 2750mm width

5000 litre Underdeck Water Tank


1020mm height x 3100mm length x 2170mm width

Installation Set Up

**Due to the increase in cost for raw material, prices are subject to change at anytime which is beyond our control.**


Under Deck Water Tanks from All Oz Tanks

If you have limited space on your property, storing a water tank may be a challenge. Here at All Oz Tanks, we understand that this is a common problem, which is why we offer a large range of under deck water tanks. These water tanks are designed to fit in the vacant space under your decking area, providing a smart and functional solution to your space crisis.


Depending on your requirements, we can provide under deck tanks with capacities between 2000 and 5000L. With a long and flat design, these tanks are much easier to fit on your property compared with the traditional round shape.


As leading water tank manufacturers in Melbourne and Australia, we guarantee quality and functionality – our tanks come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and comply with AS 4766 standards.


Call All Oz Tanks today on 03 9782 6140 to obtain further information.