Custom Made Colorbond Steel Water Tanks

All Oz Tanks can provide quality custom water tanks for a range of applications.

We’ll take your specific needs into consideration, ensuring a solution that fulfils your every requirement.

Below, you’ll find a wealth of information regarding our custom and Colorbond water tanks, including steel options.

Slimline Tank Range

Our slimline range of water tanks is available in popular colours and capacities, ranging from 600 litres up to 7000 litres.

Slimline water tanks are specially built for narrow spaces, usually to fit along the side of your house.

Internal stainless steel cross bracing is engineered into the tank to provide maximum durability and strength.

We can custom make to any dimension and capacity

Super Squat Slimline designed to fit under the window

We can also make different lengths and widths in our squat range and a huge range of different capacities