Why Do You Need a Rainwater Tank in Your Home?

The Benefits of Rainwater Tanks in Melbourne

Water is one resource in Australia that can be scarce in every state, even in relatively rainy Victoria. As a result, most of us have lived through water restrictions at one time or another. Fortunately, installing a rainwater tank is an excellent way to ensure a private water supply for your Melbourne household, allowing you to save water for a non-rainy day. It’s also an excellent practice in terms of environmental friendliness as it conserves an important resource that we all rely on for survival. In addition, it can really save you money, making it well worth the initial outlay.

We take a closer look at the benefits of rainwater tank installation in Melbourne and greater Victoria.

Rainwater Tanks in Rural Areas

If you live rurally, a rainwater tank is often essential. This is because you may not be connected to a municipal water supply, or, even if you are, there may be less supply to go around. Rural properties also tend to be larger and require more water for irrigation purposes and general upkeep.

While there are other ways to source water in the country, such as from a river, a bore, or a dam, rain water tends to be better quality than these alternatives from natural sources. It also offers the benefit of being free!

The types of tanks that tend to be most suitable for rural use are the traditional round water tanks in the larger sizes, and underground tanks.

Rainwater Tanks in Urban Areas

Most people living in cities are connected to a municipal water supply. However, cities can still suffer from water shortages – and even if water is abundant, having your own private water supply enables you to supplement your use of the city’s system. This not only cuts down on your water bill, but also allows you to use water more sustainably for purposes such as running the washing machine, washing the car or watering the lawn. However, it’s not recommended to drink your rainwater in cities, as it’s more likely to contain pollutants from sources such as car exhausts.

For those in cities, it’s usually best to install slimline water tanks or under deck water tanks, as these are more compact and work well in a smaller space.

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