Melbourne Needs More Water Tanks

For the last five years, Melbourne has been awarded the title of ‘the most liveable city in the world’ based on a variety of criteria including stability, health care, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. This city has frequently come out on top so by all accounts we don’t want for much. However, wanting and needing are two very different things, and if there’s one thing Melbourne needs, it’s more water tanks. Here’s why they have become a necessity.

The importance of self sufficiency

Water is used for a wide range of domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes; everything from cooking and cleaning to swimming, fire fighting, irrigation and a whole lot more. Unfortunately we still live in an era of water restrictions. Granted they’re not as tight as they used to be, but they are nonetheless still in place because many of our reservoirs are still at low levels. Water tanks enable the storage of water for future use and encourage self sufficiency in any number of situations. Slimline rainwater tanks can be installed in domestic backyards for collection of rainwater; fire fighting pumps are often used to protect agricultural and industrial properties from burning down; while underground tanks are ideal for property owners with space issues (e.g. big house on a small block). No matter what the purpose, or whether you opt for a steel or plastic water tank, by using stored rainwater you’ll relieve pressure on the state’s supplies and probably reduce your water bills at the same time.

All Oz Tanks for all needs

Even the most liveable city in the world can’t exist independently of Mother Nature, which is why there is an increasing need for water tanks in Melbourne. To find out which option is best for your circumstances, get in touch with the specialists at All Oz Tanks today.