5000 Litre

2100mm height
1000mm width
2900mm length
Price $1640

All our water tanks are supplied with:

  • Inlet mozzie strainer
  • Brass outlet
  • 90mm Overflow

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    SKU: SL5000

    Dimensions: 2900L x 1000W x 2100H

    The 5000 Litre slimline water tank has become more popular as Melbournians are pushing to harvest more rain water and reuse it in their properties. No longer are they just using it to wash a car, but home owners are wanting more capacity to be able to water their gardens, their lawn or even run their toilets and laundry with collected rainwater. The Rotoplus 5000 Litre Slimline Tank is the most popular slimline 5000 Litre tank in Melbourne and ASC Water Tanks can ship anywhere in Victoria. We can also ship to Canberra, Sydney and Metro Adelaide, so if you are looking for a top quality Australian Made and Owner 5000 litre slimline water tank, call ASC Water Tanks now and get your tank booked for delivery.

    Ideal for narrow spaces, Rotoplus slim tanks are a very popular household tank, perfect for down the side of your home.

    The 5000 Litre is the largest single piece rotomoulded tank made in the market. The tank is 2900mm long 1000mm wide and 2100mm high, which is great if you water your garden, wash your car, or even to use it domestically to flush your toilet. It is a trendy design and is super strong.


    • An attractive single piece rotomoulded product
    • A 10 year manufacturers’ warranty for your peace of mind
    • Long lasting durability with food grade tank material certified to AS/NZS 4766. It’s also UV resistant, so it can withstand lots of sunshine!
    • A proven design for reliability and ensuring the wall thickness is consistent around the tank.
    • A fat 100cm wide, it’s a big tank for all  your domestic garden usage.


    The inlet comes fitted with a 300mm mosquito proof leaf strainer on one end of the tank.
    Two quality brass 25mm BSP female outlets are moulded into the tank at the at each end near the base and bucket tap height.
    An overflow provision is moulded into the tank and can be fitted on either end. A 90mm overflow is supplied loose.

    We can supply detention fittings on our water tanks at any position as per your requirement and storm water planning. Not sure if you need a detention water tank or a retention water tank? Read our blog here about detention and retention tanks.

    How big is a 5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank?

    Although there are many different variations in size, most 5000 Litre slimline water tanks are around 3m long and 1 meter wide. The height is usually around the 2.1 meter mark. The problem with going either too narrow is is blows the length out to four or five meters. This not only makes them impracticable to fit on site, but also is a manufacturing issue as most ovens where 5000 Litre slimline water tanks are made are not big enough to accommodate.  The Rotoplus S-Line 5000 Litre slimline tank is 2900L x 1000W x 2100H and comes in over 20 different colours. It comes with two outlets on each end for ease of installation.

    How much does a 5000 Litre Slim Tank Cost?

    Water tanks prices differ for many different reasons. Most tanks these days are Australian made and we encourage all customers to buy locally made 5000 Litre Slimline Water Tanks. The average price for a 5000 Litre tank is $1550 – $1800. The biggest reason why some tanks are significantly more expensive is because those manufacturers may choose to include freight in the cost of the tank, and deliver either state wide or a very large area. The Rotoplus 5000 Litre slimline tank is priced very competitively as the tank is made here in Melbourne and we use our own delivery drivers to deliver in and around Melbourne. Our Melbourne 5000 Litre slimline tanks can be delivered with six units on a load to a single site. Going into rural and regional towns, we can deliver these tanks very cost effective and drive the price down of the cost of the 5000 Litre slimline water tank delivered to you. We even deliver this tank to Sydney and Canberra as well as Central Coast and Newcastle. Call us for a quote.

    How heavy is a 5000 Litre Slimline Water Tank?

    Most 5000 Litre slimline tanks weigh between 180kg and 200kg. Although the weight of the tank is important to determine the wall thickness of the tank, it is more important to know what the wall thickness is of the 5000 litre tank in particular areas. This is done by using ultrasonic detectors to determine the wall thickness. As part of the Australian Standards, all our tanks are tested to make sure they have the correct wall thickness as required by Standards Australia. When you buy a 5000 Litre slimline water tank from ASC Water Tanks, you can buy with confidence.