4020 Litre

2100mm height
1660mm diameter
Price $930

All our water tanks are supplied with:

  • Inlet mozzie strainer
  • Brass outlet
  • 90mm Overflow

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    4020L Round Rainwater Tank

    SKU: MR4020R

    With a 4020 litre round water tank from All Oz Tanks installed in your backyard, you’ll soon notice the benefits to your household budget as you save money on your water bills! This 4020L round rainwater tank is made from durable, UV treated food-grade polyethylene and has been certified to Water Tank Standard AS/NZS4766.

    Standard features include:
    1) Inlet leaf strainer
    2) Mosquito strainer
    3) Overflow connection
    4) Extensive choice of colours to match your home

    You’ll also receive the full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, which ensures that both you and your tank are sufficiently looked after. For the best range and best prices on 4020 litre round water tanks in Melbourne, get in touch with All Oz Tanks today.