Rotomade 1000 Litre

1800mm height
390mm width
1900mm length
Price $685

All our water tanks are supplied with:

  • Inlet mozzie strainer
  • Brass outlet
  • 90mm Overflow

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    SKU: SL1000sx

    Dimensions: 2160L x 680W x 2150H

    SKU: SL1000SX

    Dimensions: 1900L x 390W x 1800H.

    Ideal for narrow spaces, Rotoplus 1000 Litre slim tanks are a very popular household tank, perfect for down the side of your home.

    The 1000 Litre slimline water tank is the designed for courtyards and area where you don’t have a great amount of space between walls and fences. The tank is 1900mm long 390mm wide and 1800mm high, which is great if you want to save water but don’t need a large capacity. It is a narrow tank to fit between small spaces in ever diminishing backyards. It is a trendy design and is super strong. This 1000 litre slimline water tank will fit through a standard door, which means you can walk it though a garage or your house. The tank weighs 50kg and can easily be moved into position with two people.

    Features of our 1000 Litre Slimline Water Tank:

    • An attractive single piece rotomoulded product
    • A 10 year manufacturers’ warranty for your peace of mind
    • Long lasting durability with food grade tank material certified to AS/NZS 4766. It’s also UV resistant, so it can withstand lots of sunshine!
    • A proven design for reliability and ensuring the wall thickness is consistent around the tank.
    • A narrow footprint for saving space. It’s only 39cm wide!

    What fittings come with a 1000 Litre Slimline Water Tank?

    The inlet comes fitted with a 300mm mosquito proof leaf strainer on one end of the tank.
    Two quality brass 25mm BSP female outlets are moulded into the tank at the at each end near the base and bucket tap height.
    An overflow provision is moulded into the tank and can be fitted on either end. A 90mm overflow is supplied loose.