Our Troughs range comes with a 10 Year Warranty

250 Litre Stock Trough

250 Litre Stock Trough

1210mm diameter x 370mm height


500 Litre Stock Trough

500 Litre Stock Trough

1570mm diameter x 370mm height


2600 Litre Stock Trough

2600 Litre Stock Trough

2460mm diameter x 750mm height


450 litre stock trough

450 Litre Stock Trough


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**Due to the increase in cost for raw material, prices are subject to change at anytime which is beyond our control.**


Troughs from All Oz Tanks

Suitable for smaller and larger farms, our food and water troughs are perfect for all types of livestock. Made using the highest quality materials, these products are durable, easy to clean and hygienic. Having supplied farmers across Australia with troughs for many years, we’re known for providing reliable products that last.


For smaller properties with lower stock numbers, our 250 litre stock trough will be a suitable addition. Being 1210mm in diameter and 370mm in height, it can easily fit on a smaller property. With twice the capacity of the 250 litre trough, the 500 litre trough measures in at 1570mm in diameter and 370mm in height. Meanwhile, larger farms will benefit from our massive 2600 litre variety. Perfect for farms with more stock, these troughs are 2460mm in diameter and 750mm in height.


Quality You Can Rely On

All troughs purchased from All Oz Tanks are of the highest standard, guaranteed to last for years to come. We design our products knowing they’ll be exposed to extreme temperatures and conditions, so you can be assured of their durability.If you have any questions about any products supplied by All Oz Tanks, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 9782 6140. Our knowledgeable team will be all too happy to assist you.