Steel Water Tanks

Suitable for a range of different applications, our steel water tanks are popular among residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Melbourne and Australia. Whether you need a steel tank to store rainwater for your domestic property or you require one for irrigation purposes, we’ll have the right sized water tanks for your needs.


Our steel water tanks will allow you to enjoy the cleanest and freshest drinking water while saving you money on your water bill. While they come at an initial cost, you’ll soon recoup this on the money you save. Best of all, you will really notice the difference in the quality of the water once you compare your tap water to the fresh water obtained from your tank.


Ideal for a Range of Applications

Whether you’re maintaining a farm, golf course, park, or other property with expansive lands, you’ll require a large volume of water for maintenance. All Oz Tanks recommends installing a steel water tank or multiple steel tanks on your Melbourne property to capture any rainfall and direct it back on the areas that need it most. A quality steel tank is a critical component in any good irrigation system, allowing you to keep your property looking green and lush. Our tanks can also fulfil the needs of industrial clients, helping them to save large amounts of money on water costs. We can supply and install a variety of tanks that can be used in manufacturing, as well as any other way that you see fit.


For information about the specifics of our tanks, contact us today on (03) 9782 6140.