600 Litre

1265mm height
580mm width
1220mm length
Price $540

All our water tanks are supplied with:

  • Inlet mozzie strainer
  • Brass outlet
  • 90mm Overflow

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600 Litre Slimline Rainwater Tank

Rainwater tanks offer a wealth of benefits, providing property owners with fresh, clean water while also allowing money to be saved on water bills. If you’re looking to discover the many benefits for yourself, the 600L slimline water tank from All Oz Tanks is an ideal choice. Compact enough to fit on small properties, this tank is made from top quality UV-resistant polyethylene, making it highly durable even in harsh Australian conditions.

Interested in installing a 600 litre slimline water tank on your Melbourne property? Get in touch with All Oz Tanks today to learn more.