1520 litre slim tank

1520 Litre

1560mm height x 1900mm length x 550mm depth
Price $1120

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Custom Made 1520 Litre Steel Water Tanks

Our 1520 litre slimline custom steel rainwater tanks are ideal for a variety of water storage uses, allowing you to use water for the garden, the toilet or even for washing your car. Comfortably able to contain the strong forces of water, your steel water tank won’t bulge or stretch when full. You can also choose from a selection of customisable options such as Colorbond® finishes, giving you the freedom to own a tank that suits your home.


Durable, long-lasting and customisable, our 1520 litre custom made rainwater tanks are a fantastic choice. Call us today on (03) 9782 6140 or use our online contact form to choose the custom made slimline steel water tank that suits your needs.