Industrial / Chemical Tanks

  • ZERO permeation of contents
  • Chemical and water holding.
  • Has very high impact resistance.
  • Glycol storage and can withstand below freezing temperatures primarily used in wineries and Dairies for hot water loading Saving Power requirements.
  • Hot water tested to high temperatures but can retain heat in water for less heating of water in dairy application thus saving energy and overhead costs of running.
  • This product eliinates the need of adding insulation to tanks externally making installation easy and clean and more cost effective.
  • Is acid resistant and has zero effect on LLDPE outer and LLDPE combination foaming agent.
  • Thicknesses up to 40mm thick, welded outlets (stub-Flanges, etc.) can be added.

1000 Litre $1,385.00

2500 Litre $1,920.00

4000 Litre $2,120.00

10000 Litre $3,200.00

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