Fire Fighting Pumps

All Oz Tanks offers a range of portable and multi-purpose fire fighting pumps to improve the safety of your property. These days, it’s become a necessity to have a fire fighting system installed in residential and commercial complexes; these systems help to halt the spread of fire and can save loss of property as well as life. All Oz Tanks is a prominent supplier of fire fighting pumps, providing quality solutions for shopping malls, offices, theatres and homes within Melbourne and Australia. We have thorough experience in manufacturing an array of water tanks and water pumps, specially designed to meet the water storing needs of Australians. Our products also comply with AS 4766 standards and come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Quality Products and Services

Our fire fighting pumps are extremely portable and easy to carry, making them a popular choice among fire fighters. You can also use our pumps even if there is no fire – from draining out water in pools and ponds through to cleaning waterlogged areas, they’ll get the job done.


All Oz Tanks has a staff of experienced and skilled workmen who can assist you in connecting our pumps to a large water tank, pool or water reservoir to ensure you have a large volume of water to use in the instance of a fire. All Oz Tanks also specialises in manufacturing water pumps and pump covers that can be attached to tanks, allowing you to water gardens and wash cars. They’re also quite popularly used for farming and irrigation by many farmers in Australia.


With water pumps, you can have the best solution for fire fighting, watering, washing and gardening. If you’re interested in buying our first-class quality water pumps at affordable rates, call us today on 03 9782 6140. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through our online contact form.



With Roll Frame $780

Fire Fighting Pump with Roll Frame

With Carry Handle $750

Fire Fighting Pump with Carry Handle

Performance Curve Graphic

Engine: Honda GX160, 5.5hp Recoil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity: (L) 3.6
Suction Size: 1.5”
Discharge Size: 1 x 1.5” / 2 x 1”
Max Head: (m) 50
Max Flow Rate (L/minute): 500
Pump Body: Alloy
Fluid Handling: Water
Weight (kg): 26
Self-priming to 8 metres
Engine w/ oil sensor


Performance Curve Graph MH020

With Roll Frame $800

MH020 Transfer Pump with Roll Frame

Engine: Honda GX160, 5.5hp Recoil Start
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 3.6
Suction Size: 2”
Discharge Size: 2”
Max Head (m): 50
Max Flow Rate (L/minute): 460
Pump Body: Alloy
Fluid Handling: Water
Weight (kg): 26
Self-priming to 7.5 metres
Includes roll frame
Engine w/ oil sensor