Custom Steel Raingardens


Made from Bluescope Aquaplate Steel

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Raingarden Range



Raingardens are specially-designed garden beds that filter stormwater runoff from surrounding areas or stormwater pipes. Raingardens are also called bioretention systems because they use soil, plants and microbes to biologically treat stormwater.


How Raingardens work


Although they may look similar to a normal garden, raingardens are designed to stop stormwater run-off from polluting our waterways with nutrients, rubbish and sediment:

1. Water collects and settles on the garden surface

2. Water soaks through the plants and filter media, trapping rubbish and sediment on the surface

3. Plants use the nutrients in the stormwater, and toxins stick to the soil

4. The soil and plant roots work together to naturally filter the water and remove pollutants