26,000 Litre

3100mm height
3600mm diameter
Price $2810

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26,000 Litre Round Rainwater Tank

Ensure your residential or rural property has sufficient levels of stored water for a variety of applications by installing a 26,000L round water tank from All Oz Tanks. Whether you’re using the water to wash your car or for irrigation purposes, the 26,000 litre round rainwater tank offers the suitable amount of storage capacity you need. It is certified to the AU/NZS4766 water tank standard and made from highly durable, UV treated food-grade polyethylene. Standard features include:

  • Inlet leaf strainer
  • 90mm overflow
  • Mosquito strainer
  • Great choice of colours to pick from
  • 1 inch brass outlet

You’ll also be provided with the manufacturer’s full 10 year warranty, providing you with true peace of mind and confidence in the product. Trust All Oz Tanks to meet your needs when it comes to 26,000 litre round water tanks in Melbourne.