2000 Litre

1700mm height
1300mm diameter
Price $455

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2000 Litre Round Rainwater Tank

The smallest of the ‘medium-sized’ options for residential properties, the 2000L round water tank from All Oz Tanks provides enough storage for harvested rainwater for everything from gardening to washing and other household purposes. The 2000 litre round rainwater tank is certified to Water Tank Standard AS/NZS 4766, meaning it has been manufactured using food-grade, UV stabilised polyethylene that has been locally sourced and comes with a multitude of features, including:

  • Brass tank outlet
  • PVC overflow with mosquito strainer
  • Inlet strainer
  • Wide range of colours

We’ll also provide you with a full 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your complete peace of mind. When you’re looking for the best in 2000 litre round water tanks in Melbourne, browse the range available to buy at All Oz Tanks.