1670 Litre

2100mm height
1050mm diameter
Price $500

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1670 Litre Round Rainwater Tank

The 1670L round rain water tank is heading towards the larger of what is considered a ‘small sized’ tank, and for a property in suburban Melbourne it provides a sufficient storage capacity to supplement daily water usage. Manufactured with UV stabilised, food-grade polyurethane, and certified to Water Tank Standard AS/NZS 4766, you can buy 1670 litre round water tanks from All Oz Tanks. They come with a wealth of features including:

  • Brass tank outlet
  • PVC overflow with mosquito strainer
  • Inlet strainer
  • Wide range of colours

We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive ten year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction. For the very best deals on a 1670L round water tank in Melbourne, browse the range available from All Oz Tanks today.