1000 Litre

2100mm height
820mm diameter
Price $345

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1000 Litre Round Rainwater Tank

For backyards in Melbourne with the space to accommodate a water tank, the 1000L round rainwater tank from All Oz Tanks is purpose built for homeowners who are looking to supplement their water usage with rain water. Our complete range of 1000 litre round water tanks is certified to Water Tank Standard AS/NZS 4766 and is made of UV stabilised, food-grade polyethylene. You can trust in its durability and will receive standard features such as:

  • Inlet leaf strainer
  • HUGE choice of colours
  • Brass tank outlet
  • PVC overflow with mosquito strainer

Also standard with every 1000 litre round rainwater tank is a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. For the very best deals in Melbourne, browse the range available at All Oz Tanks today.